Kelsey's Favorite Photo's

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Gods fingers                                                                               Nelson's Dockyard, Antigua with Emily and Noah who were with us from September - March


Dominica, Lesser Antilles


Boat before being launched in Antigua, October, 2003                                         Red Rocks (volcanic ash), Dominica




More Red Rocks, Dominica, Lesser Antilles                                                 Swimming in a natural pool, Dominica


Bill trying and eventually succeeding going down the waterfall                                                     Refreshing fruit after a swim


                                                                                       Nelson's Dockyard, Antigua


       Goat skull found on a hike at Antigua                                Studying at our rental apartment in Antigua while boat was being refit


                                                                                   Fish that was served in Antigua - all the fish comes with the head and tail on


Museum in Nelson's Dockyard, Antigua                                          One of the many street-side fruit vendors


Meghan in a school play (she's gained a little weight!)                Canasta with visiting grandparents (schoolbooks in background!)




Mimi, Kelsey's grandmother, relaxing                            A natural rock formation, Dominica


            Fruit Market in Martinique                                                   Kelsey and her aunt (Deb's sister who was here for Christmas)


Quiet time with Dad. Trying to grill on a night sail                          Dad finally shaved his beard and some of his mustache??


A bit more shaved off!                                          Kelsey and Meghan in Marie Galante, Lesser Antilles


Kelsey with Pitons behind her, St. Lucia                                 Playing in the surf, Bequia, Lesser Antilles





            Swimming in January overlooking Fort de France, Martinique                                


Dominica hut                                                             Yellowtail that we caught


Tortoise beating the hare in Bequia                     Colorful local boats in Bequia


Kelsey sailing Delphinus and keeping a compass course                          Bill pulling in a Dorado, a.k.a. Dolphin fish


The vicious barracuda was caught and returned to the sea for fear of cigueterra poisoning


Delphinus in Union Island, Grenadines


Kelsey with a dorado




The head of the dorado - lovely                                  Local fruit market with abundant selection


The crew of Delphinus                                                                 Hayden in St. Bart's


More Saturday morning local markets with spices, fruits and vegetables


Hawksbill turtle farm in Bequia


The lovely sunsets


Graveyards differ from island to island, this one in St. Barts had incredible flowers and monuments                  Boats in Bequia


Steel Band at Shirley Heights, Antigua


And, of course, enjoying local ice cream




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