Paros Photo Gallery

Paros was one of out favorite islands in the Aegean.  It was not the prettiest, or the most quaint but it felt like home.  We stayed there for close to three weeks and met many people, like Alex and Helen Bisbas et al, who welcomed us into their homes more than once. Alex accompanied me later on the Southbound Trans Atlantic voyage from Rhodes Greece to St. Lucia.  If you are looking to charter in Greece or need assistance you should absolutely look him up.

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We loved Paros...and it wasn't just the food!

Naousa is a small fishing village on Paros. One of the more pretty towns on the island, it has a number of outside taverns and eating establishments.

Parian Marble Cave. Where marble was mined for Napoleon's tomb.

The entry was not well marked but it was a nice walk.

The girls found the entrance to the mine...

All clear

And down, down down we all went. The walking was damp and slippery and the terrain treacherous. Meghan started a small avalanche and bumped her ankle. Below with flashlight we found stone walls and supports and many cave tributaries...which we decided to avoid!

From the stone came not only monuments and statues from this extremely white and soft marble but buildings as well...

Naousa views ...

Reminicent of shades of old Gloucester fishing vessels and Cape Ann from my youth

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