Santorini Photo  Gallery


The village of Oia in Santorini, Greece was one of the most spectacular places we have visited.  Otherwise understood in the western world as Thira, or in a font unavailable and essentially's all Greek to us.  Many of the views are from the Caldera (i.e. from the top of the inside of a long simmering volcanic cone).  One is actually looking at what is left of a crater left behind after the massive explosion that blew away the entire bay area land mass.  The conic walls, or cliffs continue straight down after meeting the sea, making anchoring impossible.  I'm told the anchor and chain would be absorbed into the volcanic razor sharp crevices below to be parted or held fast for the duration....and it's still active.  We took the ferry to Santorini with Deb's parents who were visiting.  It took us 4 hours from Paros, and this ferry was not the Bomba Charger.  I'd equate it to a Love Boat  ferry, complete with friendly English speaking "Gopher Stewards".